XLANC tree project spreads the green message

This feature on XLANC work in Hindustan Times 7 Jan.


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Blog – Trees in Campus

Posted some information on Trees in Campus. Looking forward to add more trees in the database.


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XL Birdie

XL Birdie

XL Birdie

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National Education Foundation is organizing the 7th edition of NECC NEF Enduro3 the adventure race on the 7th of February 2009. For further details please check the attachment (Race details)

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XLRI students go bird watching – HT 19 Nov

Feature on XLANC – Birdwatching in Hindustan Times 19 Nov.

Click here to download

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Results of the Photography Competition declared

The results of the photography competition organised by XLANC have come. Following are the winners:

1. Snigdha Singhal (p07055)

2. Ankit Agarwal (b08007)

Here is what our judge had to say about the winning photographs.

1. I saw it as the nature’s ability to rejuvinate from the dead, n this resilience is the real free spirit of nature

2. Free spirit is in the air all the way

Here’s a sneek peek into the winners and the winning photographs…

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From boardrooms to bird watching, XLRI game for all

XLANC Feature in Hindustan Times – 6 November

Read article

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